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members only jacket/thrifted, vneck/Inc, denim/guess, boots/diesel

Wassup Style Pirates? Sorry I've been M.I.A from the blogosphere for a while, but I've been busy with work and school.  Hope everyone has a great weekend... ALOHAS!



My "Queens"

How was your weekend?
Mine was filled with two things I love, the wifey and Mr. Mcqueen!
Who could ask for more...




Hope you're having an awesome week so far!



Dancing FOOL

AA - shirt/ Levis/ Chucks/Scala - Hat/Swap Meet - Japa Mala


The Lion and the Pirat_E

The Lioness!

The Pirat_E!

Just having some fun.  Pooma, The Lioness says, "Have a good week... If not OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!"



Unique Look

shirt - J.Crew/ shorts - DIY/ shoes - Marc Ecko/ Lion head chain

Last night S and I felt like stuffing our faces with some deep dish pizza from Lahaina Pizza Company (I love me some pizza).  As soon as we sat down  I could feel the stares and glares I was getting from all the tourists red lobsters sitting around us.  On the table right next to us, the most crispiest burnt lady I have ever seen  in a while asked us where we're from and also what ethnicity I was because I have such a "unique look". I continued to tell her that we were locals and that my ethnic background was Hawaiian, Filipino, Caucasian, Chinese, American Indian aaaaand before I was finished she cut me off!  She kept talking and talking as I sat there smiling and nodding.  The funny thing is, I couldn't hear one word she was saying.  The live music and the chatter of everyone around us phased her out.  Although I couldn't get over her "unique" tan, she was nice and the food was good.

Have an awesome weekend!



The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades

shirt - Banana, shorts - diy, kicks - chucks, rosary - somewhere

Hopefully the future is bright and I gotta wear shades- like the ones I'm wanting in my sidebar!  Kind of in a creative rut right now and don't know what to do-AAAAAGHH!.  And the other half is working her creative bone down to the marrow and just keeps going like the energizer bunny. WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO???

Have a good one!



Aliens and DIY's

Did you ever wonder if there is other life out there? I sure do...This question came up because, tonight on the History Channel they were showing "Ancient Aliens" a documentary about how extraterrestrials landed on earth thousands of years ago and helped shape human civilization.  Very interesting I must say!  So while my ears were glued to the tele my eyes were focused on doing this diy.

Hope you meet your "ALIEN" this weekend!



6 Deadly Shirts

...couldn't find a SEVENTH!

{all shirts found on asos}

I'm a T-shirt and Jeans kind of guy!  Did some late night browsing on ASOS and found some "pirat_E" worthy shirts.  Thinking about purchasing all of them but, I really want the A. McQueen, which is sold out everywhere.... ArrrrrrrH!



Jagged Little Pills

Its been over a week since I've fallen and couldn't get up!...LOL but, I got up today and took my ass to the docs office to get some drugs and kick this flu in its awful ass!  So while I lay here and wait to get better, I decided to do a DIY and shred a tank....  



So Sick!

Coughing, sneezing, and sweating under the covers is so annoying.  I hate having to stay in bed all day and do nothing but, "REST"...Errrrrrr! So to take some of the pain away and refrain from getting a headache from laying down too much, I decided to roam the blog world aimlessly fueled by Dextromethorphan and a glass of Emergin-C!

Hope you have a good one, whoever is reading this?!?



Monday already!

tee - on the byas, denim - levis, jacket - thrifted, kicks - chucks, jewels - borrowed

My mantra for the week:  "Every dollar counts and every morning hurts, we mostly work to live until we live to work." from the song Run by Vampire Weekend.

Back into the grind again of another work week just waiting for that faithful Friday to come sooner than expected.  Hope you all have an awesome week!




Why is it when you want something, you never find it when you actually need it?  Whenever we'd go thrifting, I was always on the lookout for a leather jacket, but never had luck finding the perfect one.. until the other day!  Hallelujah.... Summer is fast approaching so I need to make use of my awesome find,before the weather is scorching hot and muggy.

jacket - thrifted, tee - i.n.c, shorts - diy, kicks - chucks

 Hope you have an awesome week, I will!



Nook Please!

I really need one....Then just maybe I'll read more! For now magazines will be a QUICKIE FIXIE (:

shirt - Calvin Klein, vest - J. Crew, denim - A&F, kicks - chucks, jewels - T&Co, Zales




On my way back to school in the Fall, in hopes that it will spark a flame under my ass!

vneck - american appearal, denim - inc, kicks - chucks, jewels - gap, clio blue, korean jeweler



I'm Only Happy when it Rains!

Despite it raining cats and dogs, S and I had an awesome day! Got up early, which never happens especially when it rains.  We headed down to the post office to mail some things for her bloggy bloggy friends, took some pics down at the harbor, headed on over to Kahului to register for school.  Uuugghhh! and did some random shopping, which we cant't refrain from doing.  "Shopaholics Anonymous" doesn't help at all!.

shirt - on the byas, jeans - levi's, jacket - thrifted, shoes - chucks, jewels - ross




Last night S and I went to watch Clash of the Titans.  Hello Io!! a.k.a Gemma Aterton.  S couldn't stop drooling over Perseus.  She literally didn't blink ONCE during the entire movie.  In my "EYE", S definitely has something better and even more AWESOM_ER than a Perseus, she's got a pirat_E!
attached dog - "POOMERS", tee - Kane&Unke, jeans - BDG, kicks - Diesel
 jewels - Clio Blue, Gap, Korean jeweler, jacket - Buffalo



Chivalry is not DEAD!

I LOVE S! so i bought her some flowers...

My manfit...
shirt - Target, jeans - A&F, mansweater - Dior, kicks - Chucks, jewels - Tiffany&CO, specs - Von Zipper



And So it begins.