Last night S and I went to watch Clash of the Titans.  Hello Io!! a.k.a Gemma Aterton.  S couldn't stop drooling over Perseus.  She literally didn't blink ONCE during the entire movie.  In my "EYE", S definitely has something better and even more AWESOM_ER than a Perseus, she's got a pirat_E!
attached dog - "POOMERS", tee - Kane&Unke, jeans - BDG, kicks - Diesel
 jewels - Clio Blue, Gap, Korean jeweler, jacket - Buffalo



Gabriella said...

Thanks Elisha ! [sp?] Color is my favorite thing to do lol !! and im with sharon on the perseus oogling lol great movie though !!!!

:D gab

Anonymous said...

You have one too now?

sharonlei said...

Hi pirat_E. I'm coming to join you for a nap now. :)

mommamac said...

love your outfit pirate E......shisha!!! but who is this "korean jewler"? wasn't me so....hehe