Nook Please!

I really need one....Then just maybe I'll read more! For now magazines will be a QUICKIE FIXIE (:

shirt - Calvin Klein, vest - J. Crew, denim - A&F, kicks - chucks, jewels - T&Co, Zales



Joanie said...

bye me one too. i feel like it's forever going to stay on my 'wishin i owned...' section on my blog! let's rob a b&n! kidding =P

sharonlei said...

OMG! I think this is a first.. Did Jo a.k.a. Mrs. Webster just ask you to "bye" her one!?

Joanie said...

i did! OMG

The Man from Amsterdam said...

great style mr!

R. Gratz said...

If I am correct that silver cross is from Tiff's right? I have the same one, so I commend you on good taste, lol.