I'm Only Happy when it Rains!

Despite it raining cats and dogs, S and I had an awesome day! Got up early, which never happens especially when it rains.  We headed down to the post office to mail some things for her bloggy bloggy friends, took some pics down at the harbor, headed on over to Kahului to register for school.  Uuugghhh! and did some random shopping, which we cant't refrain from doing.  "Shopaholics Anonymous" doesn't help at all!.

shirt - on the byas, jeans - levi's, jacket - thrifted, shoes - chucks, jewels - ross



sharonlei said...

I heart shopping with you! Your the best picker outer of things I don't "need"... but things I want! Want Want Want... so bad. We need help!

pirat_E said...

yes we do!

sharonlei said...

Let's get some.