The Lion and the Pirat_E

The Lioness!

The Pirat_E!

Just having some fun.  Pooma, The Lioness says, "Have a good week... If not OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!"



Unique Look

shirt - J.Crew/ shorts - DIY/ shoes - Marc Ecko/ Lion head chain

Last night S and I felt like stuffing our faces with some deep dish pizza from Lahaina Pizza Company (I love me some pizza).  As soon as we sat down  I could feel the stares and glares I was getting from all the tourists red lobsters sitting around us.  On the table right next to us, the most crispiest burnt lady I have ever seen  in a while asked us where we're from and also what ethnicity I was because I have such a "unique look". I continued to tell her that we were locals and that my ethnic background was Hawaiian, Filipino, Caucasian, Chinese, American Indian aaaaand before I was finished she cut me off!  She kept talking and talking as I sat there smiling and nodding.  The funny thing is, I couldn't hear one word she was saying.  The live music and the chatter of everyone around us phased her out.  Although I couldn't get over her "unique" tan, she was nice and the food was good.

Have an awesome weekend!