So Sick!

Coughing, sneezing, and sweating under the covers is so annoying.  I hate having to stay in bed all day and do nothing but, "REST"...Errrrrrr! So to take some of the pain away and refrain from getting a headache from laying down too much, I decided to roam the blog world aimlessly fueled by Dextromethorphan and a glass of Emergin-C!

Hope you have a good one, whoever is reading this?!?



agnes said...

superbe photo

sharonlei said...

Honey.. I hope you get better. :)

It's weird that I comment on your blog... but I'm a werido.. YOUR weirdo! Ah Labo!


fantastic pict...great blog

Graham I. Haynes said...

I have a cold today too, what a coincidence.
Loved your piped blazer outfit suggestion, btw.
Get well soon, both of us!

Mat said...

ha there isnt many better ways to pass the time, thanks for stopping by